Goal setting; why bother?

Although most people might have a general idea of the things they want out of life, the vast majority won’t end up accomplishing them. Obviously there are several possible reasons, but studies show that the primary reason people (up to 96% of people!) aren’t reaching their goals is because they don’t write them down.

Write it down!

Simply saying, “I want to get a promotion” or “I want to climb Kilimanjaro” and keeping it in the back of your mind makes it difficult to obtain. Writing it down, breaking it up into manageable steps and forming a game plan makes the thought tangible. Being able to read your goals and having a daily reminder increases your chances of it actually obtaining it.

The roadblock for many people writing down their goals isn’t a lack of desire or time but a general lack of convenience and support. We’ve tailored Dreams of Mine to solve these problems; providing an online, fun and inspirational way to record your life dreams while interacting with friends. Tracking your goals on Dreams of Mine will allow you to prioritize what you’d like to accomplish and form an emotional attachment to each task.

Some people worry about what others will think of their goals which is one of the concerns with making them public; we’ve got you covered. Dreams of Mine has any combination of privacy and user settings you could imagine. Whether you’d like to share with specific friends or form groups to accomplish a goal, it’s as easy as the click of a button. If you’re worried about being judged for wanting to learn how to dance, just select “private” and you’re the only one that can see it.

For tips on creating your goals, check out our post on SMART Goal Setting

Best of luck,
The Dreams of Mine Team

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