Set goals, what goals?

Inevitably, the first thing out of people’s mouths after telling them about Dreams of Mine is, “Well, I don’t really have any goals.” If they manage to hold this thought and sign up for the site anyway, the first question they ask themselves while staring at the computer screen is “What goals do I set?”


First, let me say that nearly everybody has some type of goal or aspiration. Whether it’s to Finish Your University Degree, Visit the Bermuda Triangle or something as simple as Cleaning out the Garage; Dreams of Mine can help.

The idea behind Dreams of Mine isn’t to make you feel bad about not knowing what you want or make you feel ‘stupid’ for the goals you set. It’s like the old adage “No question is a dumb question.”, the same thing applies for goal setting; anything goes. Start small and think short term. Have you always wanted to Take Tennis Lessons but it doesn’t seem like you have the time? Start by writing this goal down on your goal list and break it down into steps. Find a tennis club that offers lessons, figure out what day of the week you can make it work and find out if it’s in your budget. You’ll see that it comes together quicker and easier than you would have thought.

A big concern for people writing their goals down is what other people are going to think. For some types of goals, this may be a valid concern. For example, if you have a goal to Quit Your Job and Get a New One then maybe this isn’t something you want to make public…just in case your boss is a member of Dreams of Mine. Our privacy settings let you hide or show whatever goals you choose. Start by keeping your goals private and gradually make them public as you see fit. In our experience, people don’t judge you for writing down your goals, you’ll find they envy and encourage you; make your goal public and you’ll likely get helpful advice. Going back to the tennis example, if you make it public a friend may have the same goal in mind, there you go, a tennis partner!

When you’re ready to set goals on Dream of Mine, remember, let loose and write anything and everything down; you can always go back and delete them later. Follow the simple tips in Creating SMART Goals to make sure you’re on the right track.

Best of luck.

The Dreams of Mine Team

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