What is Dreams of Mine?

Dreams of Mine is an online goal setting tool developed to help users set and keep track of their goals. Sounds simple right? So simple you’re probably thinking that you can just use a piece of paper? Well, you’re right, you could. But the extensive list of features we’ve added to the site allow much more than just writing a goal down. With options to set reminders, add deadlines, collaborate with friends and add detailed steps to complete the goal, Dreams of Mine aims to make achieving your goal as realistic as possible.

Many people we tell about the site say that they don’t have goals or, if they do, they just keep in in their head. I don’t know a single person that hasn’t, at one time or another, said “I’ve always wanted to….” or “….has always been a dream of mine”. We are trying our best to provide you with something that will make your life better and/or more fulfilling. Whether you want to Change Your Career or Learn a New Language, Dreams of Mine can be your starting point. Writing your goals down transforms them from an idea into a tangible task that you can keep revisiting. For a more detailed look at why you should write your goals down, check out our post on Goal Setting; why bother?

Throughout the 2 years of development, we’ve received feedback from users and tried to implement as many of their suggestions as possible. We strongly encourage users to continue to tell us what features they’d like to see or what they’d like to have changed. You can give us feedback here

Happy Goal Setting

The Dream Team

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